Eco-Friendly Letterpress

Green is Good!

Visionary Pen is focused on sustainable practices and eco-friendly printing methods.

We use a manually powered Chandler & Price cast iron letterpress, manufactured in 1907. Manually powered means it consumes calories not electricity or gas.

We print on tree-free paper
  • 100% cotton
  • bamboo
  • jute
  • eco-rag (made from garment industry cut offs)
  • elephant pooh (you'll be amazed!)
We use eco-friendly inks
Our polymer plates are recycled
We minimize packaging & reuse all shipping boxes
We minimize paper waste
  • RSVP postcards eliminate extra envelopes
  • no inner envelopes
Our cut offs are used to make 
  • business cards 
  • bookmarks
  • coasters 
  • place cards 
  • favor cards 
  • gift tags
  • garment tags
  • labels
Any remaining paper waste is donated for reuse to schools and artisans & to local growers for compost
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