We love DIY Brides!
As a lifelong crafter and lover of all things paper, Paula enjoys working with DIY brides!

We cut and print everything in our studio.  This allows us to work to your specifications.  Want to add your own layers? No problem! We can print and cut to fit your needs.  Just let us know the size you need for your printed layer and you get to enjoy all the fun crafting, layering and embellishing!

When designing your invitation, we will consider style, budget, and the level of participation you wish to have in the final product.  This allows DIY girls to get in on the fun!  We can even include rhinestone placement marks in the printing (at no charge of course) to make it easier for you to embellish.

Not looking for letterpress? (Say it ain't so!)
Planning on printing your own invitations but you want to add something special?  We carry the complete Envelopments® line to complete your do-it-yourself project.  We are happy to help you choose the right products for you.

Whether you are looking to do it yourself, or you want your invitations assembled, addressed, stamped, and ready to go, Visionary Pen can accommodate your unique needs.

Crafters will feel right at home in our Design Paradise.
• Peruse the bridal magazines and idea books in our cozy window seat.
• Run your fingers over the luxurious paper samples.
• Build your own invitation using our Envelopments® design studio.
• Get inspired by the samples of our previous work.
• Explore the unique embellishments and ribbons.
• Check out our Chandler & Price Old Style letterpress.  She's 105 years old and 1,000 pounds of cast iron awesomeness!

By the end of your visit, you may be inspired to create your own crafting corner!

702-395-3583 • paula@visionarypen.com